3D tracked!

tracked in After Effects

Do you remember that grassroots project I started back in 2019? Well, after months of COVID crisis management and online teaching, I finally came around to finishing the project during the winter break.

Though I’m moderately pleased with the result, my conclusion is that it’s way too much work to be worth the effort. Though I enjoyed messing around with adobe after effects, much time could have been saved by leaving this part to the experts.

As mentioned in my previous blog, It’s all about the timing. I came to appreciate this aspect of teaching even more during this project. Making an animation happen at the touch of a button, precisely at the right time, makes for a more natural teaching experience.

As I have been live lecturing online the last few months, I found this timing aspect can easily be done using interactive webGL widgets. As shown in the clip below, It takes so much less effort to get the timing right.

Imagine using these 3D models and overlaying them in realtime on the table or even augmented in a lecture hall. I feel a next grassroots coming up. You can read the previous grassroods blogs here.

Sharon Klinkenberg
Sharon Klinkenberg

My research interests are in the validity and reliability of adaptive assessment methods and the effectiveness of blended learning interventions.