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It’s that time of the year again. The grass is turning green and so, it’s time for a new grassroots project. This time I’m going to dive into the world of 3D tracking in Adobe After Effects to create next level knowledge videos.

I was inspired by the awesome Peter McKinnon and his short tutorial on how to merge 3D graphics and video footage. I thought, how cool would it be to explain some statistical concepts and have it play out right in front of me on the table. Looking at what AE Tutorials created, I could totally see this happening.

So, the grassroots project got approved and we’re going to do this. The goal is of course to create a few clips, but also to see how viable it is within the confounds of my own desktop computer and the Adobe CC suite. To answer this question, I will document my findings in this blog series. And if all goes well, I’ll create a video on how to do this on your own.

The process is looking fairly easy, but I reckon we’ll bump into problems along the way. What we need to do is: Create some vector graphics and formula’s to use in the video. In my case, I will be making them in R, exporting to PDF and layering them in illustrator. Next up is to create a storyboard. Shoot a video, and finally edit it all together in after effects.

That’s the plan at least. I will be doing a remake of my earlier analysis of variance videos. And if all goes well, I’ll tackle the fundamentals of null hypotheses testing.

Sharon Klinkenberg
Sharon Klinkenberg

My research interests are in the validity and reliability of adaptive assessment methods and the effectiveness of blended learning interventions.